Community power creates a great impact.
Let’s work together to improve your business visibility.

Knows Partnership

Partnering with Knowz allows you to reach your customers
through a peer-engagement live navigation platform.

Foot Traffic

Drive-in more foot traffic to your business

Customers can pass by your business without them knowing. With Knowz, you can get traction by notifying users of your business location along the way.

Realtime Tracking

Track real-time user engagement and feedback

Be in the know when users check-in at your business along with their given feedback as conditions change. Through our user-friendly dashboard, you can get meaningful insights and metrics to get to know your customers better.

Peer Recommendation

Increase reach and discoverability through peer recommendations

Word of mouth takes on a new and smarter approach. Knowzers can easily recommend your business from similar or alternative destinations as they share their experiences.


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