How To Get Ready This Halloween 2021

Myka Javier

It’s Halloween again! If you haven’t started preparing yet, don’t worry! We’ve got a list to help you get your scare on.

If there was one thing that we always look forward to this fall season, it’s got to be Halloween! From costumes, to the haunted houses and all the candies, no one can beat the magic that’s felt during this day. So as restrictions ease, there’s no better time to make this year’s Spooky Season a memorable one! But how do you make this Halloween Spook-Tastic? Get your scares on, because we’ve listed down ways for you to get ready! 

Knowz Halloween Checklist!


Set The Scene

First things first, decorations! To truly feel the vibe that is this coming Halloween, then you’ve got to make sure you’ve started decorating. Whether it’s at home, or at your desk at the office, there’s nothing like cloaking your space with some Halloween spirit. So don’t be afraid to be creative! You can go for a theme that matches your Halloween party, like rustic witches with wooden-and-straw brooms, or a harvest theme with pumpkin centerpieces and lots of flannel, or get in touch with your inner Edgar Allan Poe with a Raven theme. There’s so many to choose from, and you can even mix and match to make it more fun! 

For more ideas, check out some DIY decor ideas here.


Plan Your Spooky Ensemble

Now that you’re all set with your theme and decor, it’s time to plan your Halloween costume. To decide on this, you have to figure out whether you’re going solo, as a couple, or as a whole family. You also have to think about where and when you’re going to wear it. Will you be at home, at a party, or at a trick-or-treat? Will it be at daytime or night time? Once you’ve finally got those down, you can be able to figure out what would be the best costume for you, whether it’s creepy, funny, or scary! 

Want some costume ideas? Check it out here.


Visit Another Realm

It’s time to get out and about! Start planning which attractions to go to this Halloween and your outfit to go with it. There are a ton of activities and events like haunted houses, theatrical paranormal investigations, walk-through frights, ghost towns, trick-or-treats, rides, and more! Start filling up your calendars, and check out events near you in Southern California


Throw A Halloween Bash

If you’re planning to stay home, who says it has to be boring? There’s no better time to throw a Halloween party to celebrate with friends and family! Whether it’s spooky cocktails, creepy snacks, and scary desserts, the possibilities to be creative are endless! Throw in some fun games and music, and your party will surely be one to remember. 

For more party ideas, see this list here


Have A Spook-Tastic Time

Last but definitely not the least, don’t forget to have fun! Halloween is that one occasion where you can dress up in cool costumes and you have an excuse to have tons of candy. Plus, it also takes place at the coziest time of the year. But best of all, there’s a lot less pressure, because you can always opt-out and dress as yourself. However you want to celebrate, Halloween is always fun!

Be In The Knowz This Halloween


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For a safe and spooktacular Halloween, always Knowz before you go! 

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