Make The Most Out Of This Summer with Knowz!

Myka Javier

Fear of missing out? Here’s our ultimate summer guide to help you get the best out of this season with Knowz!


Summer is finally here! And things are looking brighter and better as the country rises from the pandemic crisis! With vaccine shots and stores reopening, the hope and comfort that summer brings are exactly what everyone needs. So if you’re ready to head out and face the world again – while still observing safety protocols – then let Knowz help you get through it!

Knowz — Your Friendly Companion This Summer

When life as we know it finally returns, there’s no better time to enjoy it than the present. And with so many events happening this summer, it’s hard to know where to go! What’s more, you might miss out on what’s going on around you! Trust us when we say that nobody wants to feel major FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. But don’t worry, the good thing is you can stay on top of current events near you with Knowz!

Here’s our quick summer guide to get you going this season: 


STEP 1: Knowz Before You Go! 

Traveling somewhere? Check your destination’s current status and set your expectations before heading there. See available hours, crowd levels, and more with Knowz!


STEP 2: Knowz Recommendz

Want to go somewhere new and exciting this summer? Discover new and exciting summer places and activities from other Knowzers with Knowz Recommendz! 


STEP 3: Tag Away

Update your location’s status and share experiences as you go! To spice your tags up, you can also share images of your experiences to help other Knowzers!

Enjoy this summer by being in the Knowz!

Don’t let lack of information keep you from what the season has to offer! With Knowz, you can find out available summer options and get the best recommendations in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to FOMO! Make smart decisions on the go today, and be in the Knowz! 

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Don't Miss Out!

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