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Myka Javier

Capture moments and elevate your Tagging experience. Share photos now with Knowz to be one with the community!


With the rise of social media, everyone is more connected than ever before. You can instantly connect with your friends or loved ones through instant messaging, video calls, and even through photos! And with the pandemic, our usage of social media skyrocketed. But that does not mean that our ways of sharing our day to day experiences should suffer. With Knowz, you can easily elevate your Tagging experience by sharing real-time photos! 

Build Connections by Sharing Photos on Knowz 

Photos are a great way to engage with other Knowzers around you! In sharing real-time images, you’ll also be sharing experiences to further improve their awareness of surrounding places. It’s all about being one with the Knowz community, and photos are the simplest and most straightforward way to connect with each other. 

Here are a few benefits of sharing pictures on Knowz:

Capture Moments In Real-Time

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Capturing moments to share with Knowzers gives them a glimpse into their favorite places or places that they have yet to discover! It’s a great way for Knowzers to stay ahead and know what to expect even before they go!

Spice Up Your Tags

Tagging is the most direct and fastest way you can leave your feedback at places, but did you know you can also share photos with your Tags? Complement your tags with real-time images and let everyone near you be in the Knowz!

Connect With Knowzers

Taking photos in real-time and Tagging helps create the Knowz experience. Check out photos from other Knowzers with the most recent Tags. Stay connected by sharing experiences of the places you’re in or with the people nearby. Build and create a sense of community with Knowz!


Sharing photos is easy! Simply attach the photo on the Tag you’ve selected to leave your feedback. And you’re ready to go! 

Sharing is Caring

With Knowz, you can keep everyone up to date with what’s happening at the places you’re in at any time of the day. Enhance your day to day convenience by increasing your awareness through Tags and photos! Capture the moment, share the experience, and Tag it all away!

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