Why Use Knowz As An Alternative Social Media Platform

Myka Javier

Switching to alternative social media platforms? Where data privacy and misinformation are a concern, Knowz may be a great option.


Social media has been well-embedded in our daily lives. There won’t be a day when we don’t scroll through our feeds, like a friend’s photo, and re-share funny memes or videos we come across with. It’s a useful tool to stay up to date and connected with friends while getting the latest news wherever you might be. 

But this massive scale of social media’s usefulness leads to a number of concerns. Last 2018, there was a decline in trust in Facebook by 66% according to the Ponemon Institute after news broke about Cambridge Analytica. Since then, people are starting to become warier with social media giants especially when it comes to data privacy, and most recently, rampant misinformation and fake news. 

This is the very reason why there has been a rapid shift to alternative social media platforms. People are now leaving apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and instead, search for more niched social networks where algorithms don’t dictate what you see and don’t see. On the bright side though, there are tons of alternatives on the market – like Knowz! 

Knowz — Your Choice Alternative Social Media Platform

During these unprecedented times, it’s best to always be equipped with accurate information. Knowz provides you with real-time updates on what’s happening at your favorite places at any time of the day. To retrieve all this information, it utilizes feedback from the community to help in improving awareness of your surroundings for you to make instant and smart decisions on the go. It also allows you to be proactive in finding out the details you need by asking directly on the app then get the answer right when you need it. 

We make sure your data and privacy are safe and secure while using the app. Knowz applies information that’s relevant to the current time, usage, and location of interests. Ads are also kept at a minimum for a seamless experience. It’s simple, straightforward, and very easy to use! 

Why Knowz is the best way forward

We know that knowledge is power right at your fingertips. Knowz lets you stay ahead by retrieving all of the relevant information for you. It eases the uncertainty and unpredictability of this time, and you can take it with you anytime and anywhere. 

Here are some of the cool Knowz features that you can use as you go through your day:

Knowz before you go


Wondering if your favorite restaurant is closed today? Is there a special sale at the clothing store? Is there a long line at the coffee shop? Check out live updates and the details you need before heading out the door!

The More You Tag, The More You Knowz


Elevate your Knowz experience with Tags! Share what’s happening at your current location by tagging the place along with the details you want other Knowzers to know. Then validate by filtering out false tags to receive more accurate information. If you don’t happen to see the details you need, you can Request Tags and Knowz will get the answers for you!

Discover local businesses


Hole-in-the-wall places are now easier to find! Knowz recommends similar or alternative destinations that are tagged by other Knowzers. If you’re up to take an adventure, Knowz is the perfect app to take you to your next go-to spot!

Save Favorite Places


Creating shortcuts have always been efficient. Easily access and keep track of locations you’re always at by saving your favorite places. Kick this feature up a notch and use it for contact tracing to check your whereabouts.

Connect With Knozwers


See real-time insights from other Knowzers around you. Help each other out by taking a proactive approach in filtering out false information. Be one with the community by being in the Knowz together!

Bottom Line

If you are shifting towards an alternative social network that’s data secure, has less advertising, and has no toxic fake news – Knowz is the right social media platform for you! It offers convenience on a day-to-day basis without the muss and the fuss. Using Knowz could save you a lot of time and effort all in one full-featured app.

For more latest news about Knowz, check out our blog here.

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