Fight Against Covid-19: Knowz Provides Vaccine Availability

Myka Javier

Knowz joins the fight against covid-19 by assisting in providing vaccine availability and appointment details within the app!


San Francisco, California

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. As the covid-19 vaccine rollout continues with Phase 1B, the state now allows health facilities to administer to ages 65 and older. And, soon many states will make it available to people with underlying health conditions.  But with a muddled distribution system that sparked confusion and frustration among Californians and many other states, the tech industry rallied together to create a solution that provides up-to-date information on covid-19 vaccine availability.

Troubles California faced with the coronavirus vaccine rollout


California’s covid-19 vaccine rollout was one of the slowest in the country. The state ranked second to the last at vaccine distribution efficiency, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With almost 40 million citizens and 58 counties, distribution at scale was a big challenge. But there are other factors that contributed to this rocky start. 

First, the state’s initial distribution system that prioritized Californians by occupation group, underlying medical conditions, and house status, made it difficult to administer the vaccine. Second, vaccine undersupply slowed the process with only 13% of the state’s population receiving the first dose, averaging about 200,000 doses a day. Third, the lack of information, guidance, and coordination between the county, state, and federal governments made it difficult for Californians to understand where and how to get the vaccine. 

No one knows which facilities the vaccine is available at. Hospitals are slammed from getting numerous calls about it. Small pharmacies do not receive enough information from the state. And, distribution differs by county and by health providers, which are accountable for on-the-ground dispersion. This excessive demand without a centralized resource of the information left seniors scrambling to find places for inoculation.

How Knowz Is Providing Covid-19 Vaccine Information


By mid-January, news broke about the difficulties and frustrations of people in California trying to make appointments. This led to the creation of several solutions including Knowz’s Covid-19 Vaccine Tags, which users can easily view and use within the app. With that said, vaccine information now becomes more accessible and centralized so you can be in the know which facilities can administer shots. 

Knowz believes in efficiency and in community power. With this solution and with the help of VaccinateCA public API, Knowz assists in disseminating details for vaccination sites all in one mobile app. Users can view nearest vaccine sites and further details such as vaccine availability and if by appointment or walk-ins are welcome. Using an application programming interface (API), Knowz receives VaccinateCA’s real-time feed automatically. This ensures updated information within the Knowz app that you can take with you, any time and anywhere.

Why Knowz Before You Go


Taking a proactive approach is the best way forward. Knowz App is especially relevant to this situation in that it allows the vaccination places to put their status directly on the app to be instantly available to all users wanting real-time status. If vaccination places aren’t able to update their status, users can request the information they want right when they need it. This is where our Covid-19 Tags come in handy, to efficiently disseminate information by allowing authorized places and users to select pre-determined tag options. 

Knowz provides real-time status alerts of what’s happening at places near you. It improves your awareness of surrounding locations with powerful community insights to make instant and smart decisions on the go. 

Feel empowered with the Knowz community. The Covid-19 Vaccine Tags update now works on both Android and iOS devices.

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