Knowz was nominated as a top startup by The Startup Pill!

Myka Javier

The Startup Pill nominated Knowz as a top startup for 2020! We’re thrilled to be recognized as 101 Best Social Media Startups of 2020!


We’re announcing our nomination as a top social media startup by The Startup Pill last December!

Knowz joined their list showcasing exceptional startups in taking a variety of approaches to innovating inside of social media and around the world. The Startup pill listed us as one of the 101 Best Social Media Startups of 2020! 

Here are the following categories The Startup Pill selected us in: 

  • Innovation
    • Innovative ideas
    • Innovative route to market
    • Innovative product
  • Growth
    • Exceptional growth
    • Exceptional growth strategy
  • Management
  • Societal impact

What is Knowz?

Knowz is a free, interactive community-powered mobile app that provides real-time information to increase your awareness of nearby places. It also allows you to be proactive in asking direct questions to get the answers and the feedback you need. No more wasting time wondering and waiting! Knowz has got everything you need to go with your day to day grind!

We’re glad to be recognized as a social media platform that brings convenience in assisting you to make well-informed decisions on the go. 

View the full list here.

For more latest news about Knowz, check out our blog here.

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