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Planning a Valentine’s Day date can be stressful and chaotic! Knowz recommends places to set your plan in motion for that special day.


During this unprecedented time, any moment that we can celebrate a special occasion with loved ones is a gift in itself. This Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your significant other how much they mean to you, whether it’s cooking them a meal or gifting them something special. There’s no limit to showing them how much you care by showering them with lots of love and attention! 

Since Valentine’s Day is only a week away, you might be scrambling to find ideas on how to make it extra special for your partner. But don’t worry, there are tons of fun Valentine’s Day activities you can do this year despite the ongoing pandemic restrictions. From traditional dinner dates to exchanging sweet gifts, it’s time to get a bit creative! We’ve listed some place suggestions to Knowz your way. 

What Knowz Recommendz!

Where to buy flowers:

  1. Floom 
Image Source: Floom

It’s one of the best online flower deliveries in the market that offers a gorgeous yet unique selection of flowers. Floom connects you with local artisanal florists for that extra special touch. If you want to make your special someone feel loved while supporting independent florists, there’s no better place to order from than Floom! 

  1. Ampersand SF
Image Source: Ampersand SF

First opened its doors in 2014, Ampersand creates bouquets and special events arrangements in a converted studio garage. It’s a “space for creativity, community, and everything floral.” If you wanted to get your hands dirty with a DIY bouquet for your partner, they have a beautiful selection that you can choose per stem at an affordable price. They also do on the spot arrangements that are elegant and intricate – they’ll get your vision exactly right! 

  1. Le Bouquet
Image Source: Le Bouquet

A little flower shop with amazing florists and an assortment of unique and very fresh flowers. Le Bouquet offers beautiful arrangements and excellent service that’s a bang for your buck. Simply go in, show your inspiration or your vision, tell them your budget, and let them do their magic! You can also go on their website and choose from their selected bouquets. For something more unique and in season, you can opt for their Florist Choice. 

Where to go on a date:

  1. Brand Napa Valley
Image Source: Brand Napa Valley

Napa Valley is one of the best destinations for a romantic getaway.  Brand Napa Valley offers a scenic 110-acre estate on Pritchard Hill that will surely elevate your Valentine’s Day experience. With private tours and tastings available by appointment, this includes a flight of their four estate wines. Enjoy a curated socially distanced tasting near the waterfalls and a lovely view of Oakville.

  1. Bernal Heights Park
Image Source: Bernal Heights

If your goal is to slow down in SF after a long hard day at work, then a date night at the top of Bernal Hill is a much-needed romantic escape. With a 360 degree view of the city, it’s perfect to enjoy a picnic with your S.O. while watching the sun go down and see the city lights start to twinkle. Don’t forget to bundle up and bring a good bottle of wine! You’ll need to get cozy!

  1. Folktable at Cornerstone Sonoma
Image Source: Folktable

If you want something simpler, why not set up a picnic in your own living room? Folktable at Cornerstone Sonoma offers a Valentine’s Day experience for two that includes Passmore Ranch Caviar, mini biscuits, chocolate pot de creme, and a cheeseboard with country ham and pimento cheese bread. It comes with a warm picnic blanket, so setting up this delicious meal will be a piece of cake!

Where to get a nice gift for him:

  1. Dollar Shave Club
Image Source: Dollar Shave Club

For the man who likes convenience, a subscription box filled with all his shaving essentials is perfect! You can order a starter set with a pre-shave scrub, shave butter, and a variety of other cleansers to keep him looking stunning even after Valentine’s Day. He won’t have to run to a store to buy a razor anymore, Dollar Shave Club delivers it right to his doorstep!

  1. Aether Apparel
Image Source: Aether Apparel

If your man is the outdoorsy kind, then outerwear with a clean and modern aesthetic is just what he’ll need. Aether Apparel offers highly functional, technical outerwear that’s fit for city living and in the wild. Knowz recommends getting him their signature piece, the Space Hoodie 2.0. It’s both a standalone piece or an extra layer for cold days!

  1. Pottery Barn
Image Source: Pottery Barn

What would be a nice addition to his dresser? A Grant Leather Watch Box from Pottery Barn, of course! With its pebbled leather and matching stitching, it’s timeless and classic. Add a personal touch such as a monogram to make it extra special. 

Where to get a nice gift for her:

  1. Venus Et Fleur
Image Source: Top Ten Reviews

If you’re thinking that flowers are a bit of a cliche, then hold that thought because with Venus Et Fleur, it’s anything but! They offer a variety of roses that come in boxes and are preserved to last up to a year! Knowz recommends getting the Love Locks Box to let your S.O. unlock your gift from the heart! 

  1. David Yurman at Nordstrom
Image Source: Nordstrom

Offer your S.O. timeless jewelry like David Yurman’s Cable Spira Bracelet in 18K Gold. It’s perfect for both dressed-up occasions, or something as casual as a day out in jeans and a t-shirt. For a more luxurious touch, you can also purchase a bracelet with a gemstone of your choice. You can’t go wrong with this bracelet, and your partner will love it so much she’ll never take it off!

  1.  Recchiuti
Image Source: Recchiuti

You might have a good bottle of champagne, but don’t know where to get a delicious box of chocolates to go with? Look no further with Recchiuti! This Valentine’s Day, Recchiuti offers a variety of charming handmade confections that’ll surely make your S.O.’s day sweet! Knowz recommends getting her Recchiuti’s Black Box for that sophisticated yet seductive touch.

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