We’re Saying Goodbye To 13 Restaurants in San Francisco

Myka Javier

Restaurants in San Francisco have taken a massive hit during this pandemic economy. We’ve listed 13 restaurants we’d like to pay tribute to.


San Francisco, California

2020 left us with businesses taking a massive hit in this pandemic economy – particularly, restaurants. This financial downturn resulted in thousands upon thousands of restaurants closing down for good.

In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, an estimate of over 300 restaurants had closed since March based on Yelp’s economic impact study last year. Results showed the three Bay Area cities were the third-highest metropolitan area for closures behind New York City and Los Angeles. And while we usher in the new year, we’ll still continue to see both temporary and permanent closures due to implementations of new restrictions and stricter health protocols.

For food lovers everywhere, we know how sad and disappointing it feels to see all your favorite places close down. These restaurants have not only been a comfort to our appetite but have also helped create special memories as well.

Here’s a list of restaurants in San Francisco we’re saying goodbye to. 

Alfred’s Steakhouse

Image Source: VENUEBOOK

Known as the oldest steakhouse in San Francisco, this family-owned restaurant has permanently closed after nine decades of business. Alfred Bacchini, the Italian owner founded the steakhouse in 1928. Alfred’s was the place to go to for their large selection of steaks, oysters, and desserts.

Art’s Cafe

Image Source: Hoodline

A Korean-American diner that’s known for flipping hash-brown sandwiches for more than thirty years, Art’s Cafe has been a neighborhood hangout ever since. The cafe sat between shops on Irving at 9th, at the heart of the Inner Sunset. Customers would squeeze on a stool where owners Sarah and Hae Ryong Youn would take orders and work the stove. It’s a well-deserved break for Mr. and Mrs. Youn’s as they announce their retirement. But it’s also a bittersweet moment for 90’s kids that spent their childhoods at the counter.

Baker Street Bistro

Image Source: Baker Street Bistro Facebook

Located at a block by Presidio, the Baker Street Bistro has been in the neighborhood for three decades. But due to financial difficulties brought on by COVID-19, this sweet bistro permanently closed its doors last August 2020. If you’re craving the comforting cassoulet and boeuf Bourguignon, you can still get them at their new patisserie, Maison Danel.

Bistro Aix

Image Source: SFGate.com

If you’re at the beautiful Marina District, you’d know this neighborhood bistro has been around for more than two decades. They’re known for their inviting bar and fresh ingredients locally sourced from farmers and select producers. If you want great food and amazing neighborly ambiance, Bistro Aix was the go-to restaurant! Sadly, we’re bidding adieu to them and their spaghettini…


Image Source: The Infatuation | Remy Galvan-Hale

Created by Chef Chris Cosentino, Cockscomb restaurant was known for its oyster bar and wood-fired oven. Infusing unique flavors for an unforgettable meat-centric menu made this restaurant unforgettable. But after six years of serving memorable dishes such as an entire roasted pig’s head, Cockscomb had permanently closed.

Coin-Op Game Room

Image Source: Ready Player 2021 Facebook

People flocked to this retro-themed arcade restaurant for their nostalgic assortment of classic games. Who wouldn’t want to go to an arcade with the gang and get their delicious “multi-player cocktail” while playing an arcade game like Killer Queen? Investor and co-owner of the building, Kingston Wu spoke to SFGate.com. He said he hopes to “revive some element” of the popular bar someday but not for the time being.


Image Source: Conde Nast Traveler | Francisca’s

Anyone in San Francisco who’s looking for an affordable fine-dining gem knew Francisca’s was it. This Mission-Bernal Italian-Venezuelan restaurant shuttered last October, according to chef-owner Manny Torres Gimenez. Their one-of-a-kind tasting yet budget-friendly menu was known for fusing Venezuelan ingredients and flavors executed with Italian techniques. But all hope is not lost! Gimenez told SFChronicle.com that he has plans to open another restaurant in the future once the pandemic’s over.

Hillside Supper Club

Image Source: Hillside Supper Club Facebook

After a successful pop-up, Hillside Supper Club opened its doors in Bernal Heights last 2013. For seven years,  they’ve been known for their signature pot pies and local comfort food, Italian-inspired dishes. The restaurant closed last March when San Francisco implemented a shelter-in-place order that extended to May.

ICHI Sushi

Image Source: ICHI Sushi | erikmarinovich.com

Debuted in 2006, ICHI Sushi was known for its accessible omakase experience with its menu of rolls, small plates, and salads. It grew so popular it expanded into a larger location in 2014 but eventually downsized back to its original, smaller space. The pandemic turned their temporary closure into a permanent one. Now Tim and Erin Archuleta, the owners, plan to sell the restaurant.

Izakaya Roku

Image Source: erikmarinovich.com | Patricia Chang

After a decade of serving Japanese pub food, Izakaya Roku and JapaCurry – its famous food truck – have permanently closed. It’s been a long-sought-after lunchtime spot for on-the-go Japanese food fix with their extra spicy ramen, crispy katsu curry, and seared fish.

Jeanne d’Arc

Image Source: Art and Entertain Me

Dubbed in 2018 as the “Frenchiest of the French Bistros in San Francisco” by SFChronicle, this 48-year-old restaurant was located in Union Square’s Cornell Hotel de France. Jeanne d’Arc received rave reviews from Trip Adviser (both for tourists and locals) for their exquisite dishes like lamb loin with truffle sauce and Grand Marnier souffle.


Image Source: Eat Mozerria Facebook

The first and only Deaf-owned-and-operated restaurant, Mozzeria was a pizza place that’s a welcoming home for the all-Deaf staff and diners from all over the world. It’s a great place to catch up with Deaf friends over some wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas or meet friends to hangout. But while the San Francisco Mozzeria branch has closed, their huge food truck is still available at Off The Grid.

The House

Image Source: Zagat.com

A beloved neighborhood spot in North Beach, the House opened during the boom of Asian Fusion restaurants back in 1994. It was a pioneer in this category with a menu selection of warm wasabi noodles with flat-iron steak, to St. Louis-style barbecue ribs over coleslaw. The owners, Larry and Angela Tse didn’t specify details behind the closure, but it came at an unstable time for restaurants in San Francisco.

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