8 At-Home New Year’s Eve Ideas to Ring In 2021

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Bye, bye 2020! Knowz welcomes the New Year 2021 with these at-home New Year’s Eve ideas to make your celebration safe and fun!


We’re only days away from ringing the New Year 2021!

Given how 2020 sucked, we know we’re all so excited to leave it all behind! But before we do, it’s still essential to remain vigilant while we’re in the midst of a pandemic. That means, we’ll have to celebrate the New Year safely at home to maintain social distancing protocols. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean our celebrations can’t be festive and meaningful as years before! 

Holidays are more important than ever this 2020. We’ve learned how to adapt to technologies by working remotely, how to practice safety protocols, and how to create new traditions with Halloween and Thanksgiving. This New Year is no exception! So what better way to reflect and reset than on the last day of the year? 

We’ve come up with simple celebratory ideas on how to make your New Year’s Eve rock!

Decorate for New Year 2021


What better way to ring in the new year than to get extra festive with glittery decorations? Mix hues of gold, silver, black, copper, and rose gold for the perfect sparkle! Then create the perfect festive backdrop for your guests or for your Zoom celebration. Remember, there’s no such thing as over the top with big balloons and festive props! 

More cool New Year’s Eve decoration ideas here from Good Housekeeping

Get dolled up


We’ve all been wearing our sweats and PJs as we stay at home this year. Yup, don’t deny it. This New Year’s Eve, it’s time to change out of your PJs and get dressed up! Don your favorite fancy dress or clothes, get your hair done, or shave off your beard! It’s good to feel and look great to say hello to 2021! 

Look your best in these outfit ideas from InStyle

Set up a Champagne bar


Why mix your own cocktail (you can if you want to) when you can set up a pour-it-yourself Champagne bar? You wouldn’t have to worry about refills and it’ll keep the drinks flowing for the rest of the evening. Just make sure to keep the hangover at bay by serving a few appetizers that deliciously pair well with champagne. 

Let the drinks flow with 5 Best Champagnes of 2020

Write down your wishes & resolutions


This year we had more time to reflect on our accomplishments and what we were most thankful for. This is why the last day of the year is the perfect time to work on your wishes and resolutions for 2021. List them all down and have your best year yet! 

Get started this 2021 with these Achievable New Year’s Resolutions!

Play New Year themed games


It wouldn’t be a party without some fun games! There are plenty of games to choose from like bingo, a poker tournament, and Two Resolutions And A Lie. There are tons of games over on Zoom, too! Double the fun with prizes and it’ll definitely feel like a New Year’s Eve party for the books! 

For more game ideas, Country Living has listed these Best New Year’s Eve Games

Prepare a winter-white dinner


There’s something cozy and dreamy when seeing a winter wonderland table setting. Mix in a bit of greenery and gold for that extra touch. Then encourage everyone in the household to look extra festive and wear their best winter whites. Just make sure not to spill any food or drink!  

See more on how to prepare for your winter-white dinner on Inspired By This

Make a New Year toast

New Year’s wouldn’t be complete without the year-ender toast! You don’t have to have a whole speech prepared, it can be as simple as raising a glass to an exciting and prosperous New Year for everyone! So pop a bottle of champagne or mix the perfect cocktail to go along with your toast. 

If you need inspiration, here are some New Year toast ideas to choose from. 

Make your own ball drop

Image source: Giggles Galore / Mariah Leeson

If you watch the Times Square ball drop every year, then maybe it’s time to bring it into your own living room. Even though the ball drop this year will be available virtually, you can still create one for your dinner guests thanks to this glittery tutorial from Giggle Galore. Don’t forget to have everyone do the countdown! 

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