New Feature Alert! Say Hello To Our New Tags Update

Myka Javier

Introducing our New Tag Features! Ask on Knowz for the tags you need! Plus, we’ve got a special treat to spice up your experience on Knowz!

New Knowz Tag Features

It’s the final stretch of 2020 and Knowz is constantly rolling out new features inspired by your feedback to end the year with a bang! 

Tags are an essential part of the Knowz experience. It’s a way for the Knowz app to utilize your feedback and provide real-time information to help you make instant decisions on the go. With these in mind, we’re introducing New Tag features to create an engaging, reliable, and convenient way for you to include Knowz in your day to day grind. 

Here are some key highlights in this update: 

More engaging ways to Tag

Knowz Tag Requests

Got questions you need answers to? Tag Requests are here to help you get the information you need! Ask Knowzers nearby and simply choose a tag you want to find out. Don’t see the tags you need from the options? You can ask a question directly. You won’t have to waste time wondering anymore because Knowz gets the answers for you! 

Filter out false Tags

Knowz Tag Validation

Wondering if the recent tags at your favorite places are still in effect? Tag Validation lets you take a proactive approach in determining false tags from accurate tags. Feel empowered in being one with the Knowz community and remove false information by receiving tag alerts from Knowzers nearby then leave your feedback for accurate tagging results!

Spice it up with Special Seasonal Tags

Knowz Seasonal Tags
Knowz Covid-19 Tags

Make things fun with our new special tags for every occasion! Tag events such as Labor Day Weekend, Halloween, Christmas, covid-19, and more only on Knowz! 

Knowz takes convenience to a whole new level by building a sense of togetherness with your community. Sharing reliable information and improving engagement with fellow Knowzers relieves uncertainty all while saving you time and hassle!

New features now work on Android and iOS devices. 

To know how to use Knowz, here’s a quick guide.

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