How to Use Knowz: A Simple Guide to Get Started

Myka Javier

Knowz is a free, interactive community-powered app that allows you to see and ask for information on what’s happening at nearby places.

In this fast-paced day and age, we all know the convenience of having knowledge right at your fingertips. And technology has been well embedded in our daily lives that gathering the information we need has become quick and easy. So is there a way you can combine technology and convenience together to help you get through your day?

The answer is Knowz!

Being in the Knowz provides you with real-time information about what’s currently happening at your favorite places at any time of the day! See powerful community insights all in one mobile app to assist you in making well-informed decisions by increasing your awareness of surrounding places. Knowz also allows you to be proactive in asking for direct questions and feedback you need. You won’t have to waste time wondering anymore as it gets the answers for you!

Here’s a simple guide on how to use Knowz:

Get Started

Before you head out the door, you want to rely on Knowz to check and see what’s going on at your destination. Start your discovery and type in any place on the search bar. You can break down your search using filters to get more accurate search results.

See the details you need

Once you select a place, all your information needs such as phone numbers, business hours, addresses, available forms, and recent Tags are found in one easy-to-use page on the Knowz app. If you want to go back to this particular place you went to, you can save it under your favorite places! You won’t have to spring back and forth or search for it anymore. 

Get real-time insights

Knowz gathers data from users who are currently using the app in real-time. On our map, you’ll be able to get a preview of Knowzers’ tags to keep you informed of your general area. Knowz increases your awareness so you can make smart decisions on the go!

Tag to share

Feel empowered by becoming one with the Knowz community using our tags! Select pre-determined tags to share and help other Knowzers around you. Is the coffee shop packed? Is your favorite restaurant closed for the holidays? Tag it away! 

The more you Tag, the more you Knowz!

We know that Tags are an essential tool for Knowzers, so we’ve got new tags in store for you! Here are some new features to give you a more seamless and accurate tagging experience. 

1. Tag Requests

Don’t see the tags you’re looking for? Ask away to Knowzers nearby and find out the details you need with just a quick tap to request. Let Knowz do the rest and efficiently get the answers for you all within the app!

2. Tag Validation

Get rid of all the false information together on Knowz! Take a proactive approach in providing correct information by receiving tag alerts from nearby Knowzers and leave your feedback.

3. Special Seasonal Tags

Knowz Covid-19 Tags

We’re spicing things up with fun seasonal tags on Knowz! Use tags for every occasion such as Labor Day Weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, covid-19 updates, and more! 

Bottom Line

Knowz is a full-featured app that’s perfect to take with you anytime and anywhere. You can save time and effort with all the information you can retrieve in one single app, all while allowing you to ask for accurate information right when you need it. Convenience is key, and that’s what Knowz has for you!

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