Post-Lockdown World: Using Knowz In A Reviving Economy

Myka Javier

Getting back out in the world amidst the pandemic can be daunting! Let Knowz guide you through it with these cool features!

Using Knowz In A Reviving Economy

Better skies are ahead in the fight against the pandemic. During this fourth quarter, there is hope that infection rates would flatten and economies can soon recover at a slow but steady pace. In turn, countries all over the world have now made steps in reopening the economy by allowing more businesses and public transportation to resume operations. 

Most are still apprehensive and reluctant to navigate back to the outside world despite the strict health protocols. Others experience quarantine fatigue and return to their old habits as soon as the lockdown restrictions eased. In taking extra precautions, all these are huge factors to take into consideration.

So how can you get around while making safe and smart decisions? We’ve got you covered! 

Knowz – The Best Way Forward

Knowz lets you engage with your community all while being adaptable in staying three steps ahead. With features that you can use in your daily activities, Knowz eases the uncertainty and unpredictability of this time. 

Here are some cool Knowz features you can use for the post-lockdown world: 

  1. Knowz before you go – Don’t know if the grocery store is open? What about your favorite restaurant? With Knowz, you can check out what’s happening at your favorite places in real-time! This saves a lot of time and effort while you conveniently go through your day.
  2. Tag Away – Is the park closed? Is the line at your favorite burger stop too long? Is the coffee shop full? Share what’s happening at your current location. Tag the place along with its details that you want your community to know.
  3. Discover local businesses – Ever wonder about hole-in-the-wall places you’ve never been to before? Knowz recommends similar and alternative destinations you can go to! Take up an adventure and find your next favorite place!
  4. Saved Favorite Places – Want to take a step further in contact tracing? You can save your location and your favorite places to keep yourself in check of your whereabouts. Making your health and safety the highest priority would decrease the risk of transmission.
  5. Community Power – The more you Knowz, the safer you go. Engage and ask fellow Knowzers about what you want to know, and get answers quickly. 

Knowz has taken an extra step in implementing our technology by partnering with local businesses to increase their visibility to our users through our platform. This is to support these businesses in gearing up the economy with the right resources. 

Staying up to date assists in making informed decisions. At Knowz, we guide you to use these tools to get a head start in taking a proactive approach. With powerful community insights to follow preventive measures, Knowz inspires confidence in users to safely go about as the future of the economy becomes clearer.  

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