Knowz Launches its First Mobile App Based on Crowdsourced Feedback


The new app aims to provide awareness of current events happening around users as it happens.

San Diego, CAJune 2020– KNOWZ, the emerging crowdsourcing platform, announced the launch of its new mobile app, available for iOS and Android. The app provides users real-time status updates of various locations as they navigate through their daily activities. 

In light of the current events happening all over the world, business operations have changed while people have occupied roads during demonstrations. The variety of possible activities in the outside world are endless. All of these have affected the unpredictability of the volume of people traffic and the Knowz app is here to ease the unknown.

Knowz gives its users the opportunity to make well-informed decisions whenever they plan to go out and run errands. With a stroll through the local neighborhood and other target locations, this can now be easily gauged by its users to see how congested these areas are. In utilizing crowdsourced information within its platform, feedback from peer users provides the community with real-time updates around their location.

Its advanced geolocation technology immediately gives users a plethora of information right at their fingertips. Details of venues with its current status can be viewed as conditions change – from the status of traffic, to waiting in lines at the theater or at a concert venue, and to how busy a restaurant is. Peer recommendations are also at the ready in case there is any change of plans which users can select and quickly reroute to. 

This unique solution by Knowz is offered through the seamless and minimally designed app. While it heavily relies on user-given feedback through peer tagging, this creates increased awareness and togetherness within the community. 

Knowz is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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